One Game A Month

I found out about this One game a month website where starting January you design one game a month until you get a job and improve your skills. In the following link you can find the site and also my profile: here. I will be doing this challenge to improve my skills and hopefully complete some good games as well.


For this month I will be designing a knight game relating to the picture depicted for the month. I came up for an idea of a game where the main character is a knight who can change the time of day. I wanted to learn how to make a 2D platformer in Flash, so I started looking up tutorials. I found one great one that has helped me out a lot with the basics of making a platformer, it can be found here. At this point have have most of the basics completed and most assets created, except the platforms are going to be a pain to make. The way I planned it was to have a night and day version of each level where changing the time would change the environment enabling progress with puzzle solving. I'm not sure if I will get this done by the end of the month, but I will surely try my best to finish as much as I can. I need to study some platform games for ideas and finish up some more coding. Having dial up makes it difficult to do research online and finding reference. I will soon upload some pictures or a prototype, till then I hope I can finish it in time.

My game for the month of January can be found here.

I was able to get 2 levels completed with enemies and the key to open the door to the next level. With a bit more changes the game over works now and a couple other suggestions were fixed as well. I will add more levels when I have the spare time and hopefully figure out a way to make it the way i intended to in the first place with a little more messing around with it.
Early development of level 1


This month I plan on making a game in Unity based off something I was messing around with with a FPS tutorial I was doing before.

I finally figured out what was wrong with the robots in the FPS tutorial, the animations were still scaled at 0.01 which was causing them to implode so I was able to fit them in at the last minute. This game take place in a city made of cardboard with some some other objects such as lego and building blocks occupying the city. I based the find it off what I did for my capstone game and had a bit of fun with the rigid bodies in Unity to hides some of the objects required to progress in the game. Since I was pressed for time I got my 3D models from, modelling isn't my strong point any ways. I started out a bit slow since I haven't used Unity in awhile, but it got better as I went.

You can play my game here

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