Friday, 21 September 2012

Spectrum Blade Updates 2

Been experimenting with adding the door and key functionality to my game from the French game. It seems to be working okay so far, I will be uploading an updated version of my game soon

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spectrum Blade Updates 1

Started working on my game again today, since its has so much that still needs to be tweaked and added. Before I even get around to designing the rest of it, this is the main concern, though I have come up with some ideas for some of the other planets. So today I fixed the lava, so its not just a flat plane, now it is a flowing pool of lave that really adds a lot to it, it looks so much better now!! Props to Sean Beck on YouTube for the Lava package, it can be found here for anyone else who may need help and also for giving him credit for this. I think I can still make it look a bit better since I'm not sure how it he got it a different texture around the edges, but I'll just mess with that another time.

Friday, 14 September 2012

French Game English Version

Starting to translate the French game back to English, here is the progress so far, I realized that i'm going to have to change some of the images as well, and fix some of the screen proportions for those who have a laptop again for this as well. Also with a bit of messing around some more, I realized that I need to fix the sensitivity again, I could have sworn I did that already, but I guess I gotta change it again.

English Version of French Game can Be found here: French Game (English)
                                                                            French Game (English) 800 x 600

All 3D Asset Creation was done by The 3D students