Friday, 30 March 2012

Game Design (Spectrum Blade) Week 12

So I've learned a lot since last time, about Unity and actually business/ work related information. Since I haven't really kept in touch with those who were doing 3D models for me, things aren't all turning out the way I expected. That's kind of my fault though, I guess I should have been checking in on them and made sure things were going smoothly and to what I wanted, just something I need to keep in mind for the future. Also I found out that my main character was really messed up, the most out of all of them. I was having trouble with character and models before having extra models or objects that weren't actually in the model I exported. The villagers had an extra set of arms, the boss Hermes had extra arm blades that weren't suppose to be there and some other issues. After some digging around on the Internet I discovered that this was an empty transform problem. If the transform wasn't actually deleted from the Outliner in Unity, the piece of the model that were deleted show up in model when it is imported into unity. I fixed this by going into the Maya file and deleting them from the outliner and everything went fine. Another problem was the texture on the main character, it was all over the place and had a weird shadow to it. I figured out that this was just a matter of deleting the history in the Maya file by going to delete by type > history. I believe it was a certain one that fixed it, there is a couple options for deleting history, not quite sure which it was. Another problem with the main character was his arm, they were stretched out and ballooned in the middle which was really weird. I gave this back to the 3D modeller, it was just the IK or FK handles that was messing it up. Once that was fixed he was fine, or so I had thought... It turned out that his arms were stuck out when I actually played the game, so whenever he ran through his animations for his particular action, he would continually have his arms stuck out. me and my teacher Suzanne both tried to figure it out, but neither of us could. She did help me figure out an important problem however. Since I had imported my mine shaft earlier I couldn't figure out why the character was falling though it and the faces were disappearing. It was a simple matter of the normals facing the wrong direction, something I will keep in mind from now on. Since the normals were facing the wrong way, they would only show up facing the direction they were pointing. This was fixed by reversing the normals so they faced the right direction where the character would be. I will be doing a game pitch this weekend at Aimemediafest and hope that all goes well. I have been fixing up a game pitch presentation the past couple of days in preparation and will demo what I have so far. I will also be doing a play test for my game as well.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Game Design (Spectrum Blade) Week 9

Since i'll busy with the March Break Mania Camp during march break and having my march break the week after that, I probably won't get much done in the next couple of weeks, but I will post an update afterwards. So this week I continued importing 3D assets and trying to figure out how to make things work properly. I got my finished villager in and working into the dialouge puzzle. The enemy character attacks my player and is able to do damage, but besides that I can't do damage to the enemy which doesn't help much. Besides that i'm just messing around with stuff and plan on putting the actual main character in soon.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Game Design (Spectrum Blade) Week 8

I made more of a variety in the huts by changing the color of them as well as there being more then just one version for variety that the 3D student did. I imported some of the 3D assets that the 3D students made. I imported the volcano and the mountains. I split the dialouge into 3 parts and spread it out across 3 villages. The 3 villages are set outside the mine, outside the mountains and the main village. I also added more textures to the environment. I tried getting the fight mechanics working in my game, but I can't seem to get them to work.