Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Game Design Week 3

This week I worked on writing the character dialouge scripts. I also made a rougn map of my environment in Unity, might change it around later. I made a dummy animation of my small fire enemy, it went fine. I havn't done much modeling before, but for a rough it was good. I animated using the time line in maya and made my character out of simple shapes. I made an idle animation of the enemy bobbing up and down and a attack animation of to attack swipes.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Game Design Week 2

Hut Design/House design and villagers
This is the end of Week 2 in my development of my game. Did some more sketches of my environment and characters for planning. Can't seem to upload too many pictures at a time here so I will put up a link to see all of them.Here you can find my Pictures of game development. I started working on my my Gantt chart recently as well to keep myself on a set schedule. This week I also started figuring out the colors for assets besides just sketches.
Got my designs colored and finished, will be starting production soon. This is the end of pre-production: asset list, character sketches, environment sketches, style guide, schedule and gantt and scale chart. I got someone to help me with a good sketch of my main character and teh sketches of the characters that will need to be modeled. I will also have ask the 3D class if they can help me make 3D assets, since I wont have time to do it all myself.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Game Design Week 1

Just starting my 3D Game for Game design class, just finished Week 1 of progress. Been working on the sketches and planning for my game, its taking longer then I though that it would. I will post pictures of my sketches and desgins once I have them complete. May need some help with designs from a DIAN (Digital Animation) since im not that great at drawing i'm finding.