Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Work with Indesign

I am currently working on a project that involves using InDesign, this is an Adobe program that I didn't even know existed until it was necessary for the project I am currently working on. I learned how to make a catalogue and work with some of the design tools in that are used in the program. One of the biggest challenges was trying to figure out how to add a print button, which from the research I did is impossible. This seems like something that could be implemented into the program fairly easily to rival catalogue building programs since making catalogues seems to be a useful feature of Indesign. Not being able to add some functionality from programs like flash and not having functionality for certain things necessary for a digital catalogue hinders the program a bit for the project I am working on. I do like the assistance it adds with the design aspect such as alignment assistance to be able to keep consistency across multiple pages and spacing. the fact that you can set up a master page for the rest to base off make it easier for making a catalogue since you can keep the same page design consistent without having to make very page. Over all it has been a great tool for making a catalogue aside from a few options that were necessary for this project.

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