Friday, 13 April 2012

Game Design (Spectrum Blade) My game so far

Here is a link to my game: Spectrum Blade
(not supported on Internet Explorer at the moment)
You can download the Unity WebPlayer here: Unity WebPlayer

All 3D Asset Creation was done by The 3D students


  1. Hi there, I see you've managed to upload your Unity game to your blogger. I'd very much like to do this as well. Could you guide me on how to do it :)?

    1. I uploaded it to my server that I ahd set up with the school and just posted the link on here and it works xD besides taht I don't quite know how the server thing works since it was already set up for school. Hopefully that helps

    2. It's kinda late now, but dropbox is a great way to upload Unity games to the internet. You just put the game files in a folder you would like to keep it in and then copy the link that dropbox can generate. I would look it up for a more detailed method, I believe that the files have to be in the public folder and you create a link to the executable file form dropbox. Sorry I probably wasn't much help a couple years ago, I have uploaded games with Unity through dropbox since I have left school and that seems to be the most convenient way that I found.