Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Game Design (Spectrum Blade) Week 7

This week I fixed up the animations on my dummy main character and worked on getting my character to face the right way. I found that it was in the maya file itself that was the cause of the problem. I had to change the direction the character was facing to -90 to fix the problem. It also worked once I re did the animations, and re-exported the character. I also had am getting the huts to look more hut like, the ones I had before were just tubes. They are now bulged out at the bottom and have variety, one of the 3D students fixed it for me. The designing of 3D assets seems to be going well, I'll be importing more of them soon and appreciate the help from the 3D students. I figured out how to get dialouge working, I have one dummy dialouge so far. I got help from a Game Design student from last year. I found sound effects for my game and am going to use some music that I designed before.

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